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God saved my home and gave direction

Our family of five was about to lose our house and didn't know where we would go or what to do.

I had a great job but because of previous income losses we were over our heads with the house payment. The previous losses also reaped havoc on my credit so our options were limited.

After prayer we found ourselves passed from one counselor to the next. Our final counselor said you either have to sell or move or ask for a mortgage modification and the counselor encouraged us to try and go through the process. I expected nothing less than difficulty asking a bank and investors to take less. After all it was in that industry where previous hard times hit causing our downward spiral.

So, I was familiar with everyone in that industry saying no and not working with us. My wife was praying a silly prayer to reduce our house payment one thousand dollars. Just going through the motions I completed the paperwork and didn't plan to follow up but just once or twice. To my surprise, within 3 weeks, they called me and said we have been approved for a temporary modification (3 months). After this time, they called me again, and said your approved for a permanent modification. A miracle in itself. However, they also said I didn't have to pay for the paperwork, they just reduced my %, and they didn't extend the maturity date. Indeed a miracle from God. and it was $1,100 less. Praise the almighty God!

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