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God would say. "forsake not the assembling ourselves together".  Don't forsake it.  The enemy of our soul is suddle.  God thinks we should be the church and go to church. God works in our life by coming together to worship Him.  It is a great day for service, to lift up His name..  Come join us.  Let's follow after God and be the people he wants us to be.

Sunday Worship

Sunday Morning - 11:00am


Worship services filled with singing, praise and worship.  Old time traditional services provide a breath of fresh air to see how God has control. Sometimes we will have testimonies, anointed preaching, unscheduled praise, altar services, offerings. The desire being God send us what is needed.  Come join us and be in anticipation of what God will do.


Thursday Prayer

Thursday 7:00pm


Prayer metting with devotion and song.

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