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And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works


Heb 10:24






Real People, Real Needs, Real God.


God is real and has not changed.  While countries, areas, and people change - God remains the same.


God created a man and a woman.  God was God before religious organizations formed, ordained themselves, and preach a modified version.  Everyone defends their version but there is no need to try and improve God.  God was before evolution, organizations, humanism, and institutions. There is one God, one Son, and one Holy Ghost.

There is a heaven and a hell.  There are ten commandments.  God is almighty and powerful.  God is powerful enough to save through the blood of Jesus.  Through Him, we can have victory over sin.  God saves people from their sins (addictions, hatred, rebellion, anger, sexual sins, organizational beliefs, heresy).  God is able to save from any sin and help us in our lives.

Yes - God is enough.  He is all we need. Take out the King James Version and cherish the God who has not changed.  Be saved and let the power of GOD help you. God is who we need and He is enough. God is not a co-pilot; He is a pilot.


Liberty Holiness Tabernacle is a church where a Godly life is encouraged.  "and be ye not conformed to this world".  Come for a fresh anointing.  Let 2017 be a year for a closer relationship with God !


Come join us !


Pastor James

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